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Chess is one of the oldest games in the world dating back over 1500 years. The game of chess has evolved as it spread around the globe to the game we play today.Of course everyone likes to win, but it is just important to learn how to accept losing.The scholastic chess boom around the world has been on a steady rise over the last decade.

  • Chess helps us to  concentrate, chess develops problem solving skills, chess   improves our memory, chess helps us in improving our reading skills, chess helps us to stay focus and chess helps us to increase creativity and knowledge.

  • Educators say that chess programs, rather than groom potential grand masters, stimulate all students' cognitive skills as well as help them develop social skills that can contribute to an enhanced sense of self-esteem. In this modern day education , chess is a part of curriculum in many schools , even at the age of 4 kids are learning chess . the reason behind introducing chess in schools is to help the kids to  Learn how to focus and concentrate.

  • Although chess sets come in many varieties and colours, the traditional colours are white and black, and that is how we will be referring to the two players on this website. The aim of the game is to trap your opponent's king, which is called Checkmate. A game can also be won if your opponent gives up .

  • Playing the game of Chess on a regular basis right from the childhood improves the learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of the child. Through worlds oldest game we will help kids to achieve great success and knowledge.

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