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My son has grasped the game very well. He enjoys every time he goes for the classes and has improved his ability to think laterally. He has become more patient and thinks through things much more”
— Abby, Father of Nikhil
My son Rishab Roy has been learning and growing in Chess at ZugZwang Academy for the last 3 years and the improvements in his thinking ability and reasoning skills are palpable. A big thanks to the ZugZwang team for adopting innovative techniques for Chess training and for systematically identifying weak points in his game play to provide the necessary help as required.
— Aloke, Father of Rishab
We started this course for our daughter Samyuktha when she was 5 years old. We were mostly inclined towards she learning the game to start with. Within 1 year, she showed a great interest towards the game. Initially we were little bit skeptical around how a 5 year will pick-up the game – but the way how the whole program was structured with simple examples made her to pick-up the moves real quick!!
— Santosh, Father of Samyukta, Rank 02 student
My daughter Aashi has been attending ZugZwang Academy for about 5 months now. She has drastically improved her game and has started winning positions in local tournaments. But the most important thing is that she loves the game. She eagerly waits for the class every week and begs me to let her stay back for the next batch as well (that happens right after her batch). We are very happy with the class.
— Monica, Mother of Ashi, Rank 02 student
My child Akash Raghavan has been attending the chess classes conducted by ZugZwang for the past one month. I’m highly impressed with the role ZugZwang Academy has played in helping Akash think on the lines of acquiring control of certain strategic squares rather than merely respond on a move to move basis! They also help the child think of counter moves which enables better learning and to know what the opponent could be thinking. They conduct frequent tournaments and encourage children by giving away rolling trophies . I am extremely pleased with they way the classes are conducted and that my son is very eager to attend the classes.
— Lakshmikala, Mother of Akash, Rank 02 student
My son has picked up the basics of chess (including the opening principles) quite effectively and is showing significant interest for daily practice, thanks to the focused attention/patience shown by Mr.Bharath in class and also the positive learning environment created by Mr.Bharath and his team. Mr.Bharath brings into his teaching of the game of chess a philosophy of inculcating a love for the game of chess, which is in line with our goals and which we believe will hold good for the child in the long run. Thanks Mr.Bharath.
— Raghav, Father of Abhigyan, Rank 01 student
I started playing chess at the age of 5 and was familiar with the pieces and how they move . I started playing seriously from the age of 10. I found it very interesting and it also helped me from a learning point of view. My logical reasoning skills have improved and it is shown in the various competitive exams i write. My grades have gone up academically as well, especially in maths. ZugZwang Academy has converted my interest into skill. I think their organised and systematic way of teaching has aided in the improvement of all its students.
— Aravindh, Rank 05 student.
Pranay, my 8 year old son started at ZugZwang about an year ago. He has slowly transformed into a thoughtful and planning child. Even his casual statements sound more observant and thoughtful. Most importantly, he is able to control his impulses. For example, he would throw tantrums if I denied him more game coupons at game zone; he would want more then and there. Now, we negotiate and agree upon more coupons for next week or next time.
— Sateesh, Father of Pranay, Rank 02 Student
My son has been learning chess for past 8 months in ZugZwang Academy. I am particularly happy about the individual attention each child gets in the class. My son has developed a keen interest in the game, thanks to the tutors. I can also see a good improvement in his approach to playing the game in past few months.
— Vidya, Mother of Shravan, Rank 03 student
My son, aged 6, is prone to distractions and it’s very hard to make him concentrate in one place. The folks at Zugzwang Academy were very accommodative of his behavior and worked around it to make learning fun for him. They understood that he is paying attention even when walking around the class. Slowly, once they gained his trust, they encouraged him to sit in short bursts and think about his moves. Now we can see visible improvement in his attention span. Bharath particularly is so excited to teach kids. When the kids do well in class, I hear it first from Bharath. He is quick to identify skills that may not even directly relate to chess.
— Mother of a Rank 01 child
I believe ZugZwang Academy clearly has made a difference to my child. It has thought the child to respond and not react, helped him to take a calm and articulated approach which is quite evidently showing up in the academic performance. The most valuable lesson here has been to take the emotional roller coaster ride caused by win and loss in right spirits, this I think is a lesson for life.
— Sreenidhi, Father of Anirudh, Rank 04 student .
My son developed interest in learning chess when he was around 5 years old. I knew the basics of chess but did not know how to teach a small child. I heard about ZugZwang chess when he was 7 years old, and I immediately sent him to the class. The teachers there (Bharath and Venu) knew how to teach chess to small children in a way that they can grasp and learn. Under Bharath and Venu’s expert guidance, my son was able to learn chess quickly and plays well now. Bharath is a great teacher and has a passion to teach chess to the children. I am very happy to send my son to his classes.
— Antony, Father of Ashton, Rank 02 student
Impact of the Program & Features you liked: Has helped my son with his concentration
- Changes in your child you attribute to Chess: Has become vigilant and looks at the bigger picture
- Academic Impact: Positive
- Level of Chess Play: intermediate
- Other Benefits - like increased focus, patience etc.
— Pankaj, Father of Prashant, Rank 03 student
I personally feel that Prithvi has improved a lot in chess. His confidence level has gone up. He likes all the puzzles in the classes. His concentration in studies has improved because of joining the chess classes. Earlier he would not concentrate on a particular subject for not more than 15 minutes. He is able to analyse a situation in many ways before applying it practically. I am not sure of what level he is in the game. I am yet to see any difference in his focus and patience. Please send us his feedback regularly.
— Rama, Mother of Prithvi, Rank 03 student