Wonder Words:

Another import from the United States, Wonder Words is slowly increasing in popularity in India as well. If Chess & Rubix can teach a child the importance of problem solving, Wonder Words helps a child imbibe value of industry (It’s not called ‘Bee’ for no reason).
At ZugZwang, we want to create an organized and structured approach to preparing for spelling bee competitions, Furthermore, we’d like to help a child develop the love for language & words that go beyond contests & competitive exams.

In this course, we plan to teach a child on how to:

  • Prepare & curate word lists
  • Read pronunciations online
  • Build a practice regimen
  • Learn rules & etiquette of competitions
  • Determine the best apps & resources
  • Prepare for the trickery of English pronunciation
  • Special Words & Silent Letters
  • Word Origins, Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Internal Contests.