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At ZugZwang, we help children cultivate the Growth Mindset

in Chess, in Math, in Scratch Coding and in Life.

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There are two types of mindsets we can
cultivate. One that embraces problems as opportunities to learn, and one that avoids them, often out of fear to fail. 

How does anyone get to become great at something? How does a musician become a magician? How does one get to be really good at Math, Programming or Chess? Learning the theory helps. Possessing talent can provide a head start. However, true greatness comes from deliberate practice - applying the theory repeatedly using the feedback alongside an expert's mentoring to get better at every step. All our programs help children build this work ethic to strive towards excellence by practice. At ZugZwang, we empower the use of chesskid.com to offer a rich experience for children with chess, giving them the right foundation to learn chess the right way through our structured curriculum! Read more about our teaching philosophy.

Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.
— Daniel J. Boorstin

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