Frequently Asked Questions:


What is ZugZwang Academy?

ZugZwang Academy started off as an innovative chess school that provides chess instructions to kids aged 5 and above, in a manner that helps them develop their learning abilities. ZugZwang Chess School was founded in 2012 by Mr. Bharath Divyang. We conduct classes across the city of Bangalore, in Schools, Playschools & Apartment Complexes. We also conduct online classes for students across the world. Some of our students are based out of countries like Canada, Japan, Kuwait, USA & Switzerland. Today, we are known as ZugZwang Academy because we teach much more than just chess. Our programs today include Robotics, Rubix Cubing, English, Math, and Scratch Coding.



What are Chess Classes like?

Classes are offered primarily over weekends. A typical class consists of 20 minutes of conceptual discussion and 40 minutes of either supervised game play or puzzle based learning offering the right mix of blended learning.


Who are your Chess Instructors?

Detailed lesson plans, compiled by Bharath Divyang using the ZugZwang ® Learning Methodology. The instructors have been carefully screened and chosen for their expertise both in working with children and teaching chess. Ongoing instructor training workshops are also an integral part of the program.


Why Chess?

The 21st century presents many new complicated problems, which an education system created in the 19th century alone will not help solve. Today's world needs one critical skills - the art of thinking critically. There is not better tool than Chess to inculcate this single most important skill to children.


Where does ZugZwang Academy offer Chess Classes?

ZugZwang offers classes primarily at its Center of Excellence in Bellandur ( Bangalore)  for all levels, from Rank 01 to Rank 05. We also offer beginner level (Rank 01 & Rank 02) classes at playschools & apartment complexes.


How many students are registered at ZugZwang Chess School?

We have a registered base of 800 students, out of more than 200 have been with us for more than 2 rank (2 years) - A testament to our teaching methodologies and track record.


What level of chess knowledge will our child have by the end of the first course?

Chess 101 & 102 is designed to build a solid foundation in chess. A child completing the first rank will be in a position to play a complete game and have a basic strategy & approach towards their game. They can make simple decisions given different positions. They would be ready to start completing in internal tournaments.


What are the milestones to achieve at each Level or Rank?

Rank 02 will impact the tactical & combinational aspects of the game. One will be able to think 1-2 moves ahead and detect basic threats.

Rank 03 focuses on developing strategic thought and begin the journey of understanding positional play. The blunder-level is greatly reduced. Illegal moves are a thing of the past

Rank 04 helps a player improve their tactical prowess, strategic sense and greatly appreciate and improve positional play. The biggest change at this rank will be the immense increase in patience & concentration. Games get longer and simple blunders are almost non-existent. A Rank 04 player is ready to obtain an internationally recognized FIDE rating.

Rank 05 - is all about fine tuning the game to reach professional levels of game-play and mental stamina.


Do you provide students with boards and other chess equipment?

We do provide our students with all necessary equipment including chess sets, chess books, chess pieces, demonstration tools, and also online access to


Is online tutoring as effective as classroom learning?

It is very effective as there is direct interaction between coach and student. The voice/video call is like the coach coming to your place and giving you private lessons.


What modes of payment does ZugZwang Academy accept?

We accept cash, card, cheque and online bank transfers.


Is your payment gateway secure?

All our transactions are safely encrypted and 100% safe.