Chess Puzzles

Chess Puzzles are a wonderful way of developing the cognitive abilities of a child. 

In this section, we publish some of the classiest puzzles in Chess.

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MEG _ 14 FEB 2018 _ White 2 Win.jpg

Forced Win

A thorough look at the puzzle will tell you that the enemy is at the gates. Black just needs one move to checkmate white. But can White find a way to wrest the game away from Black. Talk about close encounters.

MEG _ 15 FEB 2018 _ Under Promotion.jpg

Lateral Thinking

Just when you think White is winning, there's a surprise. 90% of the folks will solve this on the second attempt with faux-paus induced sheepish grin. 

Chess brings out of lateral thinking in a person. The straight forward move isn't always the answer.

EG _ 16 FEB 2018 _ Endgame study.jpg

Endgame Study

A study of a position is nothing but stringing a series of puzzles together. Mostly the realm of chess composers, a study attempts to bring the best in logical reasoning in a person. In this puzzle, for instance, the bishop's only recourse after the rather obvious Nc7 is Bh1. Can u fathom why?