1st ZugZwang Quad Tournament to be Held on Dec 17th, 2016

Every child needs to learn critical life lessons and build confidence in life. One of the most essential and effective ways to achieve this is by introducing a child to friendly competition. We say friendly because the competitive nature in a child has to be nurtured and a safe place to compete is essential. That's precisely what we aim to provide a child with our tournaments & competitions.

We see the ZugZwang tournaments as stepping stones where children can prepare and build the tournament repertoire and confidence to compete at higher levels. In this respect, all our tournaments will adhere to the following

1. Professional Standards (all games with clocks)
2. Fair & Unbiased (participate at similar level of play)
3. Critical Feedback (during & after games)
4. Help build healthy tournament habits (time, notation, nerves)
5. Development Plans to compete better (continuous development)
6. Limited Numbers (ensuring healthier coach:student ratio)