1st ZugZwang Quad Tournament - Dec 17th

The 1st ZugZwang Quad tournament took place on Sunday - Dec 18th, 2016. We'd like to extend a big congratulations to all the winners of the quads, along with all the participants and parents for your support. Thank you for making this event successful!

There were a total of 10 Quads with 4 participants in each. The players were paired on the basis of their performance on chesskid.com. We looked at two criteria's. 

1) Fast Chess Rating
2) Puzzle Rating

These numbers give a good indication of the current strength level of a child that measures gameplay performance and puzzle solving skills. The higher the rating, the better.

We will continue to host tournaments of different formats each month with many more exciting prizes to give! Stay tuned on our Facebook page or be sure to visit the tournaments section to know more about the upcoming events at ZugZwang!