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Bharath Divyang

Founder & CEO

Bharath Divyang started ZugZwang in 2012 after quitting his plush corporate job at HSBC Bank driven by a single-minded passion for chess & devotion towards teaching, motivating & mentoring children. Team ZugZwang was forged to retain the same passion in its DNA. He today runs the Center of Excellence operating in Bellandur, Bangalore. After 7 years, 2000+ students and endless hours spent at curriculum building, class preparation, online content creation and coaching & mentoring  students, ZugZwang has always kept its gaze affixed on its vision. ZugZwang Academy  today has over 10 professional coaches who are equipped over 10 Brain Simulating programs.

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Founders Message to Parents:

“If you desire to invest in your child’s mental & intellectual growth, there is no better tool to facilitate that development through ZugZwang Academy. I have seen ZugZwang teaching methodology transform me from an average student to crème de la crème in the nation – all within a span of 4 years. Whether you dream of your child entering academics, creative arts, sports, business or professional service, give your child this gift of life-long learning & development. You’ll be surprised how far flung and long lasting the impact can be".