Enrollment of participants to ZugZwang Academy WizKid Spring Camp 2017 is offered under following terms and conditions.

1. Camp duration is from 18th to 30th March, Saturday – Thursday. Friday will be a holiday.

2. Working hours of Morning batch will be from 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM and Afternoon batch will be from 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM on all working days. Participants can enroll only in one batch at a time (Morning OR Afternoon).

3. Camp location is Junior Branch, Indian Community School Kuwait located at Salmiya, Block 10, Essa Al Qattami Street Lane 2.

4. Course format will be 1 hour of Chess + 1 hour of Robotics + 1 hour of Problem Solving + 30 minute Free Lab with two 15 minute break between Class 1 – 2 and Class 2 – 3. The participant is allowed to use the free lab in any one of the three classes of their choice.

5. Course hours are fixed and participants are expected to be in class 5 minutes before the start of the class.

6. Participants are not allowed to leave the training facility in the camp working hours unless obtaining explicit permission from the camp administrator at the facility.

7. Parents/Guardians of the participants must indicate if the participant is to be allowed to leave on their own or to be picked up by an authorized person. Any exception to this must be communicated to the Camp Administrator by the Parent a minimum of one hour before the end of respective batch.

8. All educational material will be provided by ZugZwang Academy.

9. Participants are required to be careful with the facility and equipment at the camp. Any cost of damages from unreasonable usage or abuse is to be borne by the parent of the participant.

10. All participants are required to submit a completed “Participant Registration Form”. Enrollment and admission to the camp is at the exclusive discretion of ZugZwang Academy.

11. Enrollment will be confirmed only after payment of the prescribed fee of KWD 125.000. ZugZwang Academy will raise an electronic invoice via email / SMS with a dedicated payment link on receipt of registration form.

12. All payment shall be through the dedicated Online Payment Portal. We accept KNET, VISA and MASTERCARD.

13. An Enrollment confirmation shall be sent via email to the participants registered email on completion of payment.

14. Modification of confirmed enrolments are limited to shifting batch on availability of seats in the other batch on request by participants. Cancellations are not allowed and paid dues shall not be refunded in such events.

15. ZugZwang Academy reserves the right to cancel this camp or change the trainer upto 24 hours prior to the scheduled start date for any reason. In case of cancellation the fees shall be refunded to the participants