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These are no ordinary puzzles that you may typically find online on various chess websites or in books. Each puzzle is uniquely created to contain a thematic idea and a quick overview to describe the scenario of the puzzle. We will indicate the difficulty of each puzzle from 1-star to 5-star and provide a clear overview of the current position that you need to work towards solving. Keep in mind, these are not going to be simple Checkmate in one, Find the fork, or Find the pin type of puzzles! Instead you'll be needed to arrange them on your chessboard and give your brain a powerful workout! Do you have what it takes to look deep into positions and find the forceful, and winning continuations? Learn more below:



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Fluid Intelligence is a major part of every                      Naturally become a better chess player                    If you diligently master the technique
IQ test, and relates to your working memory.               through solving these puzzles and enjoy the            of solving these puzzles, there's no  
Our puzzles are designed to simulate your                    uniqueness behind the creation of each                   question that you will be able to solve
calculation technique and improve your IQ                   puzzle. Each puzzle is like a story!                              90% of the puzzles you face online! 

                                      Premium Support:                        Analysis & Feedback:

                                                    Are you stuck or need help with one                     Submit your answers back to us and we                                                                                               or more puzzles? We are here to help                   provide our professional analysis & feedback                                 
                                                    answer your doubts, or questions.                         with your attempted answers.

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