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Math Mania is designed to address young student's mathematical problem-solving skills and logical reasoning skills. It combines challenging monthly assignments with detailed instructions that are adapted to many math competitions across the globe. Math Mania is primarily designed for Grades I - XII with topics ranging from Numbers and Operations, Data Analysis, Algebraic Thinking, Geometry, and many more!



Unique Program Benefits:

✓ Provides Challenges beyond the regular school curriculum
✓ Prepares student for national math competitions across the globe
✓ Improves problem-solving and logical reasoning skills
✓ Step-by-Step instructions provided and solutions will be provided for all assignments


                                                                                    Your Monthly Assignment Package Includes:

2 Assignments / 20 Questions Each

We will send across 2 monthly assignments
of 20 challenging questions each to cover all the relevant the grade. 

Answers with step-by-step Instructions

We provide the solutions for each question
with step-by-step instructions on
how to solve the problem correctly.

Feedback & Support

Your assignments will be corrected and marked by our faculty, with feedback provided on areas of weaknesses


Over 500+ Skills in each topic to be learned from Grades I - XII