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 Personalized monthly feedback on your overall progress
  Step-by-step instructions for improvement proided
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  Fun, interactive & educational at the same time.
 Premium Support to reach us for assistance

(please note that your subscription entitles you to receive
 one personalized feedback report per month

Explore the IXL Analytics of our enrolled Students:

IXL Analytics gives you never-before-seen insight into  students' strengths and weaknesses, empowering them to take action to help them reach their full potential with Math. Find the exact item types that students are stuck on and even see how your entire class is progressing toward meeting state standards. IXL Analytics brings into focus relevant data, so that students can concentrate on what they do best: learn. IXL Analytics fits seamlessly into day-to-day teaching. IXL Analytics even gives you unprecedented insight into homework; to see when and where your students are practicing. To unlock the power of IXL Analytics, enroll today with ZugZwang Academy that incorporates IXL in the Wonder Math program. 

Analytics of today's Wonder Math Students at ZugZwang:

The 9 types Analytics provided with IXL: