Fischer Random:


Fischer Random Chess (also called Chess960) is a chess variant created by Grandmaster Bobby Fischer. Fischer's goal was to create a chess variant in which chess creativity and talent would be more important than memorization and analysis of opening moves. His approach was to create a starting position which would be randomized at the back of the pawns, and players would have to rely on more knowledge of the game strategies rather than the opening theory that they would have memorized in the regular chess position.

Starting Position:

  • White pawns are placed on their orthodox home squares.
  • All remaining white pieces are placed on the first rank.
  • The white king is placed somewhere between the two white rooks.
  • The white bishops are placed on opposite-colored squares.
  • The black pieces are placed equal-and-opposite to the white pieces. For example, if white's king is placed on b1, then black's king is placed on b8.