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Interactive Video Lessons by Masters

2) Over 100+ lessons designed by Chess Masters that are interactive, and resourcful!



        Global Community:

4)   Play vs. Kids from around the world or select from 10 different computer levels! You get to Choose between Fast & Slow Chess!




  Suitable for Children from Ages 5+

1)   Have your kids play and learn chess in the #1 chess site for kids! 100% Safe Environment



Puzzles of all Levels & Categories:

3)   Unlimited Puzzles to solve! Increase your rating and get better at chess.



      Available on iOS & Android

5)  Download Chesskid on your iOS or Android device and have access to all the features!

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We will provide Analytics, Tracking & Advice for each student monthly:

Most players do not know what to study and how to study it. They spend 99% of their valuable time studying unnecessary things and they do it in a wrong way, which leads to a tiny improvement or no improvement at all.  The problem today is that chess players gain passive knowledge from reading chess books. During the actual game, they simply cannot apply it, making that knowledge useless for an outcome of the game .We are here to help streamline the learning process by capturing your data on and providing to talk about your weaknesses. We will provide personalized advice &  reports with your purchase of ChessKid Mentor to advice the exact steps to follow to overcome your difficulties. 

Your monthly reports will include:


 Performance Overview of Puzzles & Games
 Highlights of Strengths & Weaknesses
Personalized Advice to improve progress
 Step-by-Step Instructions to follow
 Targets to reach based on current level
 Premium Support to contact us for further advice
(please note that your subscription entitles you to receive
 one report per month


              Performance Overview                            Know your Weaknesses                           Step-by-Step Instructions

Monthly Report of Student using Chesskid Mentor: