King's Pawn Game:

The King's Pawn game is both popular and logical. It controls the center, opens lines for both - the queen and the bishop, and usually leads to open games full of tactics. This is the most popular 1st move made by white made by beginners who intermediate players who strive for exciting tactics and quick attacking possibilities. King's Pawn Games are further classified by whether Black responds with 1...e5 or not. Openings beginning with 1.e4 e5 are called Double King's Pawn Games (or Openings), Symmetrical King's Pawn Games (or Openings), or Open Games – these terms are equivalent. Openings where Black responds to 1.e4 with a move other than 1...e5 are called Asymmetrical King's Pawn Games or Semi-Open Games.


Here is a list of the 4 most popular continuations in the King's Pawn Game

a) Spanish Variation
b) Italian Game
c) Center Game
d) Bishop Variation


Spanish Variation


Italian Game


Center Game


Bishop Variation

Famous Games with the King's Pawn Game:

1) Spanish Variation - Caruana, F. vs Wei Yi
2) Italian Game - Carlsen, M. vs Adams, Mi.
3) Center Game - Munoz Pantoja, M.  vs Trepat Herranz, J.
4) Bishop Variation - Topalov, V. vs Giri, A.