Italian Opening:

The Italian Opening is a very popular opening today played by white classified as an 'Open Game' opening. The Italian Game is one of the oldest recorded chess openings; it occurs in the Göttingen manuscript and was developed by players such as Damiano and Polerio in the 16th century, and later by Greco in 1620, who gave the game its main line.


Here is a list of the 4 most popular continuations in the Italian Opening:

a) Fried Liver Attack
b) Two Knights Defense
c) Guicco Piano
d) Evans Gambit


Fried Liver Attack


Two Knights Defense


Guicco Piano


Evans Gambit

Famous Games with the Italian Opening:

1) Fried Liver Attack - Sethuraman, S. vs Vaishali, R.
2) Two Knights Defense - Bikuzhin, V. vs Kharchenko, B.
3) Guicco Piano - Kalegin, E. vs Miednikova, S.
4) Evans Gambit - Butkiewicz, L. vs Blazeka, M.