Women Steal The Show At Russian Superfinal


The Russian Championship's Superfinal has started slowly—14 of 18 games have been drawn. However, there's been plenty of bloodshed in the women's section. They've had 13 decisive games!

Three rounds have been played at the Superfinal, the final stage of the Russian Championship. So far things have been pretty quiet.

All four decisive games have been won by different players. As a result, these four are tied for first place on a "plus one" score (2.0/3): GMs Peter SvidlerVladimir FedoseevAlexander Riazantsev, and Aleksey Goganov.

The latter profited from a blunder by Dmitry Jakovenko in round two. It's not an easy tactic, so "blunder" might be a bit harsh, but on the other hand, we're talking about a 2700 player.
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