We're Growing ...

ZugZwang Academy is growing - not just in numbers but also in value, maturity and wisdom. Today, we understand at depth the impact that Chess and our courses create in the lives of our students and parents. We endeavor continuously to make our courses and experiences better and we innovate in our delivery of products and services.

However, like all growing ideas, we have our share of detractors too, and more recently there were some allegations about a certain behavior that goes against our philosophy. While these are unfair and completely unfounded, we'd like to not waste your time with details about the same, but thought we'd share once again our philosophy, values and help us all stay focused on the difference we're trying to make to, and through chess.

If we were a big organization, we might have had a legal team handle such incidents, but we're not, and we're built on the good faith our students, parents and other stakeholders have shown us.