The Chess Habit

When it comes to studies or chess for most students, the approach is either feast or famine. Neither is sustainable. Doing too much of an activity just because one seems to like it a lot right now puts one at the risk of addictive behavior. Just as doing too little to nothing almost certainly leads a guilt-trip in the time to come.

I have seen students cramming last minute while waiting for their school bus and rigorously pouring over text during the ride to school. This isn’t learning. This is just the psychological need to convince one’s mind that the effort was made. A social habit learned from others.

True learning happens over a period of time. One has to create a habit of learning and aim for stability of effort each day. True learning comes from creating habits of learning.

If one really wants to excel at Chess or studies, the secret lies in creating a habit of playing chess, solving chess puzzles on or or studying the subjects with complete focus, concentration and devotion. When done over a period of time, the results will show.

Learning Chess by binging during a feast can make  you good at Chess, no doubt. But the effect will be short lived. Your habits & behavior doesn’t change. Building the Chess Habit on the other hand will make you a better person and a better chess player - something worth striving.