The 3 reasons your child should learn Chess

Since inception of ZugZwang in 2009, I have always maintained and strongly believed that Chess helps build the 3 pillars of fluid intelligence namely

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Problem Solving

Since then I've often realized that while most people roughly understand what these important skills mean, they're not very clear on what they exactly mean and how they actually help in building Fluid Intelligence. So here's a brief write up on what each of these terms really mean.

Fluid Intelligence

- the ability to think on your feet about a problem you've never encountered before, where you can't rely on practice, memory, experience or familiarity.

Critical Thinking

- the ability to analyze and evaluate an issue or a situation objectively and make the correct judgment.

Logical Reasoning

- the ability to connect the dots, make inferences and deductions by understanding the cause & effect relationship in any context.

Problem Solving

- the ability to understand a problem, break down, build up and formulate a solution.

Now imagine a child with a very high FIQ (Fluid Intelligence Quotient) and imagine how fast she can absorb information and make decisions in life. Don't you think that's something worth investing in ? #learnawesomechess