My win vs. IM Andrew Martin (

In a recent matchup, I had the privilege of playing an International Master by the name of Andrew Martin and was able to score a win! For those who are not familiar with the various Chess Titles by FIDE, an International Master or otherwise 'IM' is the second highest title that a player can achieve which typically involves a rating higher than 2200+.

Andrew Martin is certainly a very good player, and I've played him about 4 times on I was fortunate enough to win 2 out of those 4 games. I've posted one of those games for you to analyze and see how even IM's can sometimes blunder :)

By no means did I play a perfect game either! Infact, Andrew missed a checkmate in 1 and I was lucky to have survived that (Haha)..though, it was a blitz game, and these things are easy to miss. 
This is the final position of the game, and you can view the full game at the link below: