My win against two International Masters in Blitz - November 02, 2016

Last night on, I played a couple of blitz games and got paired against two very strong opponents. The time control for both games were 3-minutes each. I was able to beat both of my opponents and was pretty exited about that! I must point that I don't consider myself a better player, but I certainly did play a very decent game that made it difficult for these IM's to take me down :). In the first game I played IM grunbermihai - who in real life is Grunberg, Mihai-Lucian who holds a FIDE Blitz rating of 2444.  In the second game, I got paired with IM iván vallés moreno who holds a FIDE Blitz rating of 2410. Both the games are shared below. Yes, there were many inaccuracies and mistakes I spotted throughout while analyzing the games! Feel free to leave your comments below.