How Children can use TED Ed Lessons to Learn through Videos & Animations

21st century students (millennials) no longer feel yesteryear's chalkboard learning fascinating. Why? since innovation has moved to a much more propelled level that could make adapting more "subjective and intuitive" than the conventional educating strategies. 

One of the superb video assets I have been suggesting for educators and students is TED Ed Videos. With each TED Ed video one can be sure that it was made with a passion for curiosity. The quality speaks for itself. These videos are explanatory tutorials and animations that cover a given theme. A large number of these videos are created by instructors and educators in association with expert illustrators.

This animated short explains CERN scientists simplify space-time in 3 short videos.

This is one of the hardest things I have found to comprehend but these videos make it so much more simpler. Personally, it's the consistency with which they keep producing great content that keeps me coming back.