3 ways to build a great relationship with your learners.

Teaching is not a transaction, it is a relationship.

In my last 7 years as a teacher, mentor, coach & guide helping more than 2000 learners in an offline in person mode, I have lived by the following principles that has helped me build a strong relationship with my learners & students, facilitating a greater impactful learning experience.

1. Practice Empathy

Most experts forget what it is to be a beginner. Unless you view it from the perspective of a novice learner, you will end up sounding high & mighty without creating the necessary impact.

A great teacher is one who never blames the student for lack of understanding or learning. Instead he asks the most relevant question - “Why?” - “Why is the student unable to grasp or learn?” And finds a way to solve the student’s problem.

2. Ask, Don’t Tell

We are so attuned to the lecture based learning thanks to our traditional schooling system that we often forget that real learning happens due to curiosity.

So, ask questions to provoke the curiosity and the though process that follows.

3. The student matters more than the subject

The whole purpose of teaching is to serve the learner. When one becomes an expert, we often tend to start focusing on the subject and lose sight of the learner.

If you’ve lost the learner in the process, there is no point spewing high funda factoids expecting it penetrate brick walls.