WizKid Kuwait 2017



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ZugZwang®Academy is coming to Kuwait for 2017 spring break with an exciting Wiz-Kid camp introducing a fun way to learn life skills through Chess, Robotics and Problem Solving games. Get SMART while having tons of FUN during the school break! It's an opportunity you don't want to miss!

Chess 101 & 102

The Chess 101 program is for those learning how to play Chess for the very first time. Chess 102 is for those who have obtained previous experience with chess and looking to get more skilled at the game. The topics that we will cover are:


● Basics and Rules
● Opening Goals & Principles
● Understanding Value system
● Attack v/s Defense
● Basics of Tactics
● Positional Understanding
● Checkmate Patterns
● Simplification
● Endgame Tactics

In-class coaching by FIDE rated coaches from India will be reinforced with active mentorship via a Gold Membership on chesskid.com, world’s leading portal on Chess for Kids with animated walkthroughs and guidance to advance. A FREE CHESS KIT to encourage the child to share the game with their friends and family offline is guaranteed to add tons of productive fun time.

Robotics Training

Robotics program will introduce the fundamental concepts and technology of robotics. In addition to the mechanical and technical learning, We will be using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 module for the course. The learning outcomes are designed to cover the following aspects:


● Problem Identification
● Decision Making
● Flexible Thinking
● Exploration
● Flow of New Ideas
● Creating New Things
● Concentration
● Team Building
● Interaction with team members

The child will learn about basics principles of robotics including the building blocks, sensors and how they interact with the command and controls through hands on building, programming & missions on the Lego Mindstorms Robotics kit. The design of a given robotic system will often incorporate principles of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and computer science.

Problem Solving (Lumosity)

Perhaps the most critical of all life skills, yet the least emphasized in academic curriculum. Problem Solving is the ability to put together all your learnings and skills to work towards addressing real life situations. In this session, we will use lumosity to give your child a fun brain-workout. Games are:


● Math games
● Puzzles & Trivia
● Response and reflex games
● Attention to Detail
● Flexibility
● Speed & Visualization
● Language Skills
● Memory Skills

Empowering them to use these skills in real life situations and solve complex problems while thinking on their feet. The focus is on application of what the child already know and fill the gaps where needed. The sessions will be filled with lots of fun and interaction with qualified facilitators who walk the group through an amazing journey of learning.

Duration:  18 – 30 March (Friday off) Morning: 08:00 – 12:00  | After Noon: 01:00 – 05:00
Venue: Indian Community School - Junior Branch, Salmiya
Course Format: 12 days - 1 hour each of Chess, Robotics and Problem Solving + 30 minute free lab.4
Registration Fee: KD 125 per student

*Transportation available from Salmiya, Jaleeb, Farwaniya and Khaitan, Reggae, Abuhalifa and Mangaf



+965 600 522 80  |  Email: contact@zugzwang.in