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            Click here to read our Testamonials

About The Trainer:

Vijay Kumar is an experienced chess coach that focuses on helping beginner & novice players improve their fundamental understanding of the game. He has over 3+ years of teaching experience and has successfully trained many beginners cross over to the next stage in their learning cycle! If you're a beginner looking to improve the basics, or even if you have no understanding of chess - Vijay is a suitable coach for you then. The areas Vijay can train you in are:

  •  Rules & Objectives of the Game
  •  Understanding Piece Value
  •  Attack and Defense Basics
  •  Basic Checkmating Patterns
  • Fundamental Opening & Middle game Rules

How it works:
Our trainers with years of coaching experience, provide provide one-to-one lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players of all age groups. Our coaches have designed over 10 different type of lessons plans that will be personalized according to the student’s level. The lessons cover all aspects of the Openings, Middlegames & Endgame ideas that you need to know about.  We ensure & track record for every student and set specific goals & milestones throughout their learning cycle.

By sharing a chess board online and with a voice/video chat through Skype during training sessions, the coach shows does a 60 minute session split between puzzle training and examples from games played by masters based on different themes. A student gets enough time to think and try his/her ideas with the coach. Lessons are carefully planned for different areas of the game like opening repertoire, calculation, evaluation of the position, planning and endings.

Game Practice vs Coach:
The coach dedicates some classes towards playing practice games with the student and helps by suggesting moves and explaining idea’s during critical positions. Sometimes a student plays the game on his/her own and after the game is over, the coach helps him/her analyze the whole game move by move.

Detailed Feedback:
The coach will send regular feedback to each student. The feedback would typically include a report of the student’s puzzle rating improvement, as well as game-play rating improvement. The coach will identify the weaknesses and suggest the areas of improvement needed. The coach will send regular feedback to each student. 

Duration and Fees:
A single session is 60 minutes priced at INR 1,200. The Classes happen weekly - once or twice, depending on your preference. Payments can be made through NEFT, Cash, Cheque, InstaMojo or PayPal and your schedule will be confirmed with one of our trainers. Don’t worry, we offer a very flexible schedule and ensure that the timings of the classes are extremely convenient for the student.  



Why learn online?

  • Save your travelling time and have a flexible schedule
  • Learning from our professional FIDE Rated chess coaches 
  • Access to premium content on during sessions.
  • Easy Online payment
  • Personalized Attention - (1 on 1)
  • Get faster & immediate results

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