Starting Apr 1st, 2017, we will have a new fee schedule allowing greater choice and flexibility for each student to customize their schedule and maximize their learning.

New Pricing for Chess 101 & 102:


* 18% GST Tax is applicable
* Classes for Chess 101 & 102 are 1 hour in duration (weekly twice)

All plans include the following benefits:

- Make Up Classes. Missing a few classes? no worries ! students get to do make up classes to cover up all missed classes. However, just ensure you inform us ahead of time about your absence or immediately after in case of unplanned leave of absence. This helps us arrange for the right time slot for the make up sessions. In the past, we have even done 1-on-1 classes for missed classes to help a student come to speed with the rest of the class.

- Flexible Scheduling. Our classes are designed to provide similar experiences across batches for a particular level (beginner to advanced). Can't make it during your regular slot? Not to worry. We help you flexibly schedule your classes and help find the right batch.

- Chesskid Membership & Support. Every student under any plan will get a chesskid membership under ZugZwang Chess School account. This means we monitor the performance and progress of every student no matter what the choice of plans. Also, ZugZwang is one of the preferred partner of Chesskid and we can help you with all your support issues while accessing the website.

- Access to ZugZwang Portal. If you haven't checked out our "Learn Chess" section, you should. All students have complete access to our portal & rank based tests.

- Parent Coach Meeting. Every coach will conduct office hours when parents can plan to meet the coach and understand the progress & assessment of your child. We understand that every child's ultimate success lies in the join effort of teacher and parent to help facilitate the best learning environment and our coaches are committed towards that goal. We recommend at least 2 formal meeting with the coach during a year. You are always free to drop by ad-hoc for a quick review when required.

- Personalized Feedback. We track both quantitative and qualitative metrics to measure and enhance the progress of each child. We believe that unless feedback is personalized and accurate, real change and development isn't fully possible. We share end of term feedback reports with parents as well as provided personalized feedback to each child in an ongoing fashion.

- Post Class Gaming Session. Many students stay back after class to continue into gaming sessions with their peers. We encourage and promote this to help children immerse themselves in this environment. We have created additional space at our center to allow this provided it doesn't disturb any other ongoing classes. The benefits on the social side where children interact with other students is immense.

- Scorebooks & Report Cards. Most children at ZugZwang have built a habit of writing down their games. These are excellent habits to possess in chess. It slows and calms down the mind and brings about a sense of confidence. We provide the score books for each child and this helps us understand their level of play and the gaps in their game to help us provide personalized feedback. We maintain a file for each child to keep their report cards and test papers and results.

- Access to Clocks, Tablets & Computers. Many of the classes will have students using clocks to pay games or use a tablet or a computer to work on their chesskid. This is an integral part of our program and we have invested in this infrastructure to help children personalize their learning and benefit greatly from the facilities offered at ZugZwang.