Our Mind-Blowing Programs you can enroll for:

At ZugZwang Academy, we offer a variety of programs that facilitate the 3 pillars of learning - Inspiration, Comprehension & Expertise. These fun-filled programs are designed to bring out the highest levels of productivity & entertainment at the same time. Each program’s curriculum is personalized according to the age & level of the student. Our Programs include - Chess, Wonder Math, Game Programming, Scratch Coding, Robotix, Rubix Cubing & Wonder English.


Scholastic Chess:

Give your child the chance to build strong fundamentals in Chess. Our experienced coaches have created a brand new framework across all Ranks and a new structure plan this summer to ensure that your child gets access to the best learning material. Your child will be geared towards improved focus & concentration along with enhanced critical thinking & logic reasoning skills. Over 1000+ Puzzles, Hours of Gameplay, and Professional Coaching from our experienced mentors available during this year! For more details about our Chess program, curriculum, and ranks - please visit our 'chess classes' category in the top navigation:


Rubix Cube Solving:

A right of passage for every intellectually inclined student. Conquering the spatial complexity created by one of the simplest designs by Erno Rubik has had generations fascinated.

At ZugZwang Academy, we want to help children learn how to break down the complexity and conquer the problem solving process through Rubix Cube and continue to do it under timed conditions. We’d like to help them learn the lesson that perfection takes effort, focus & above all patience. 


Goals of the course are:

  • Introduction to various algorithms (PLL, OLL, F2L)
  • Mathematics of Cubing (permutations & combinations)
  • Habit of performance measurement
  • Tips & Tricks to increase speed
  • Practice regimen for tournaments
  • Tournament Rule & Etiquette
  • Internal Tournaments
  • Variants - 2, 4 & 5 cube.
  • Visualizing through blindfold solves.



This is a beginning course in robotics. We will be utilizing Lego Mindstorm kits,. The objective of this course is to introduce the student to basic programming as well as problem solving strategies. This course will involve students in the programming of a LEGO Mindstorm robot. Students will work hands-on in teams to program and document their progress. Topics may include motor control, gear ratios, friction, sensors, timing, program loops, logic gates, decision-making, and timing sequences.

The goals of the course are:

  • Understand the different types of sensors and functions of a Lego Mindstorm Robot
  • Learning the method to program robots for specific activities and scenarios
  • Collaborating in groups and teams to work towards goals & objectives
  • Developing the Trial & Error method, - the fundamental method of solving problems characterised by repeated, varied attempts which are continued until success.

COMP & Wonder Math:

Math is all pervasive with application from chess to physics to cooking. Wonder Math is an innovative program to help children appreciate problem solving through Math & puzzles. We have partnered with IXL – the web’s most comprehensive mathematics practice site that offers curriculums from LKG to Grade XII. IXL is an annual subscription with INR 5,000 that comes packaged with your enrollment for Wonder Math at ZugZwang. This course builds the foundation required to crack math olympiads. We know how to make Math fun! And now here's the chance for your child to improve his calculation speed & build his/her number sense. Our curriculum for the summer ensures that your child improves his/her math in a fun-filled way.

Why learn with IXL?

  • Adaptive Learning Methods
  • Dynamic & Fun lessons
  • Real time analytics for student’s progress
  • Feedback & detailed explanation for every Math problem
  • Wide Range of the National Curriculum across all topics from LKG to Grade XII

The goals of the course are:

  • Develop ANS - Approximate Number Sense
  • Increase calculation ability & speed
  • Breaking down any arithmetic calculations
  • lateral thinking through puzzles

Wonder Words:

Another import from the United States, Wonder Words is slowly increasing in popularity in India as well. If Chess & Rubix can teach a child the importance of problem solving, Wonder Words helps a child imbibe value of industry (It’s not called ‘Bee’ for no reason).
At ZugZwang, we want to create an organized and structured approach to preparing for spelling bee competitions, Furthermore, we’d like to help a child develop the love for language & words that go beyond contests & competitive exams.
In this course, we plan to teach a child on how to:

  • Prepare & curate word lists
  • Read pronunciations online
  • Build a practice regimen
  • Learn rules & etiquette of competitions
  • Determine the best apps & resources
  • Prepare for the trickery of English pronunciation
  • Special Words & Silent Letters
  • Word Origins, Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Internal Contests.


Scratch Coding:

Scratch is a programming language and an online community where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world. As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. While Scratch is primarily designed for 8 to 16 year olds, it is also used by people of all ages, including younger children with their parents.

The goals of the course are:

  • Help young people to think creatively and develop good logical reasoning skills.
  • The ability to create animations, games and other unique creations using Scratch
  • Developing a good sense of pattern recognition, and problem solving skills
  • Developing the Trial & Error method, - the fundamental method of solving problems characterized by repeated, varied attempts which are continued until success.

AlgoThink & Game Programming:

The single most important skill of the 21st century is going to be coding. As technology makes inroads into all avenues of life, coding is no longer the forte of only the specialized programmer or hacker.
This course is targeted towards middle school students initiating them into the programmatic & algorithmic thinking to solve problems through code.
The goals of this course are:

  • Introduction to programmatic & algorithmic thinking
  • Basic problem solving patterns
  • Flowcharting
  • Basics of gamification
  • Game spec creation
  • Familiarity with coding environments.