Payment Options:


NEFT / Bank Transfer:

Please ensure you Email the transaction details:

Bank: HDFC
Branch: Koramangala II
Address: Intermediate Ring Road, Ejirpura
City: Bangalore
Account Name: ZugZwang Chess School Pvt. Ltd.
Account Number: 17582560000438
IFSC Code: HDFC0001758

Cheque / Draft:

Make out the cheque in the name of "ZugZwang Chess School" or "ZugZwang Chess School Pvt. Ltd.". Cheques with errors and countersigns will not be accepted.


Cash Payments can be made at our Bellandur Center or Kalyan Nagar Center. If you do not receive a receipt within 12 hours, please Email Us immediately. We request you to refrain from using this mode as much as possible.



This option is available only for customers outside India. Those within India are requested to use other forms of payments. Please make payment after the invoice has been generated.
Payment email: