Our Teaching Philosophy:


ZugZwang Academy is growing - not just in numbers but also in value, maturity and wisdom. Today, we understand at depth the impact that Chess and our courses create in the lives of our students and parents. We endeavor continuously to make our courses and experiences better and we innovate in our delivery of products and services. Our vision has always been to help children build three important skills in life through Chess - critical thinking, logical reasoning & problem solving. Our goal has never been to find the one 'gifted' Chess player who is above average but to improve the entire average of Chess players. We strongly believe that Chess should be an integral part to Education. Chess is the tool and means to build decision making skills in children. Chess builds fluid intelligence - the ability to think, learn & analyze any subject or topic - in children. Today, we offer a rich experience for children with chess, giving them the right foundation to learn chess the right way through our structured curriculum!



Fluid Intelligence:

Learning Chess the right way is to learn the process of thinking abstractly, reasoning, identifying patterns, solving problems and building concentration & calculation skills. We inculcate these qualities by giving the right foundation of Chess to students - through our 'Chess 101' Book. Our FIDE Rated Coaches with over 5+ years of teaching experience conduct interactive & engaging sessions with the students. A typical class consists of 20 minutes of conceptual discussion and 40 minutes of either supervised game play or puzzle based learning offering the right mix of blended learning.

Your Brain Gym:

At ZugZwang Academy, we give every student the opportunity to not only learn chess, but help sharpen their minds through brain fitness programs. Each student that learns Chess with us is given a Chesskid Gold Membership access, which allows a student to access many great features - Such as Unlimited Puzzles, Unlimited Games, Video Lessons by Masters, Unlimited Tournaments & Fantastic Articles! These resources are an integral part of learning and we set rating targets for each students Chesskid account in Puzzle Solving. The more practice a student gets with puzzles, they faster they crossover to a higher level of chess play.


We Track Your Progress:

We track the progress of every kid's performance & weekly activities on ChessKid through reports that our linked back to our coach account. Each student or parent can get an overview to know exactly what the student's engagement has been with Chesskid on a weekly basis. Statistics that are recorded on a weekly basis are typically the number of puzzles attempted, the pass/fail rate, and the average score. Chesskid Also allows you assigns you a rating to show you your current level and a graph to compare your progress overtime. 

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