By 2030, Robotics & AI will replace humans in 800 million jobs.

The world will increasingly split into creators & consumers.

Is today’s schooling preparing your child to be a creator?

Is your child future-proof?


Welcome to ZugZwang Academy

India’s first Brain Gym for Kids

Fluid Intelligence is the ability to solve problems one has never faced before. We believe this is the single most important ability that will make a huge difference in the life of any child. The most important thinking skills such as decision making, problem solving and logical reasoning is what helps build fluid intelligence. We are specialists in working with children from a very young age to develop their fluid intelligence for a life long and ever lasting impact.


At ZugZwang, Robotics is an experience where children learn how to think. About Automation, AI, Driverless Cars, Drones, Space Travel and the problems of the future and dream of solutions the world so desperately needs.


All of creation is shaping life to our imagination. But where does this process begin? Our entire evolutionary path has been mastering our tools & technology to create the future. Coding is the 21st century skill needed to shape tomorrow’s future by today’s creative minds. At ZugZwang, we have designed a curriculum that helps a child take the baby steps to steadily master the principles of algorithmic thinking and nurture every child to become a creator.


If Robotics & Coding help a child learn the skills, tools & technology, Chess helps build the foundation needed to think logically & critically. Chess builds the raw processing power (what we call fluid intelligence) needed to learn & excel at fields we don’t even know exists today. At ZugZwang, we’ve developed a world class chess curriculum that helps a child build focus, concentration & mindfulness.


At ZugZwang, we teach math as a language. We believe Math to be the divine language every child must excel & master to shape their thinking and creatively design the world of the future. Whether you dream of your child becoming the next rocket scientist or Big Data scientist, math is the mother tongue. We teach mathematical thinking, which is so much more important than memorised facts & formulas.

Rubik’s cube

Visualisation is one of the greatest skills needed to build a great foundation in critical thinking abilities. One of the hardest to master is the visual spatial skills. And nothing helps nurture this most important ability like solving the Rubik’s Cube. Cubing stands right beside Chess when it comes to building focus & mindfulness in a child.