Looking for the right type of Chess Classes? We teach across all levels. 


                   Beginner Chess Classes:

The Chess for beginners program (Rank 01 & Rank 02) are for those learning how to play Chess for the very first time. In the Beginners Program, the chess lessons are designed to getf you started with the rules & objectives. At the end of the beginner course, the child should be in a position to play a complete game and have a basic strategy & approach towards Chess. They can make simple decisions given different positions. A child completing the beginner course will be in a position to play a complete game and start completing in internal tournaments. The topics covered in the beginners course are listed below:-

          Beginner Topics:



     Intermediate Chess Classes:

The chess for Intermediates Program is a suited for those who are looking to improve their chess skills through strategical & tactical improvements. The blunder-level is greatly reduced, and Illegal moves are a thing of the past. The program is also designed to impact the tactical & combinatoric aspects of the game. One will be able to think 1-2 moves ahead and detect basic threats and focus on developing strategic thought to begin the journey of positional play. The blunder-level is greatly reduced and illegal moves are a thing of the past. The topics covered in the intermediate course are listed below:-

Intermediate Topics:



       Advanced Chess Classes:

The chess for advanced program is suited for those who are planning to participate in National and international tournaments and want to fine tune their strategies. This program is a balance of practice, strategical analysis and all about fine tuning the game to reach professional levels of gameplay and mental stamina. This program helps a player improve their tactical prowess, strategic sense and greatly appreciate and improve positional play. The biggest change at this rank will be the immense increase in patience & concentration. Games get longer and simple blunders are almost non-existent. A Rank 04 player is ready to obtain an internationally recognized FIDE Rating. The topics covered in the advanced course are listed below:-

         Advanced Topics:


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