Want to increase intelligence? Just 25 mins of the right brain exercise is all you need.


Accept it. Many of our notions about intelligence are a result of a fixed mindset held for years. “He is a born genius!”. “We can’t be Nobel Prize winners. That’s usually reserved for special folks out there in US or Europe”.

Not everyone with a high IQ is going to end up with Nobel Prize. But definitely a higher intelligence could mean greater freedom to choose the path you would like to pursue. And to think that we can increase our intelligence with simple exercises on a habitual daily basis, could make all the difference.

At ZugZwang, we work with children in improving their higher order thinking skills and cognitive development through intelligence games and brain exercises. We believe that consistent and habitual practice will help children immensely in improving their intelligence levels and prepare them for a great life in the 21st century.

Project Euler - Problem 1

If we list all the natural numbers below 10 that are multiples of 3 or 5, we get 3, 5, 6 and 9. The sum of these multiples is 23.

Find the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000.

Difficult Level - 5%.

# project euler 001
def main():
  # declaration
  sum = 0
  # input
  limit = 1000
  # logic
  for x in range(1, limit):
    if (x % 5 == 0) or (x % 3 == 0):
      sum = sum + x
  # output
  print ("sum", sum)
# calls

Kings of Infinity - Math Tournament

Math polarizes. You either love it or hate it. The children of this generation, however, consider it a pain. Mostly. I know this because I've been working with hundreds of them over the years.

They do love games. They love gamification even more. They love quizzes and they love competing, albeit, within certain boundaries.

Kings of Infinity is born out of connecting the two aforementioned trains of thought. What if ... what if, they could enjoy doing math outside of the traditional setup of an exam or homework? what if, there is excitement to the mundane tasks routinely done?

Will it change their perspective towards an all-important aspect of their lives?

Come witness it for yourself this Saturday, Nov 18th at 4:00 PM at the ZugZwang center in Bellandur.

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