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Who are we?


ZugZwang Chess Academy's Chess Training is one the finest Scholastic Programs. We offer you the best chess coaching in Bangalore, whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, we ensure systematic improvements in your understanding of Chess. Our courses are designed by FIDE Rated Coaches for students across all levels - Beginner to Advanced. Your search ends here! Enroll now and speed-track your Chess learning! 

We Empower Chess using Chesskid.com:


ChessKid is for more than just chess coaches. It provides the most advanced tracking and measurement tools in the chess software industry. Teachers new to the game and schools just starting their programs now can quickly and accurately assess whether students are getting better at chess. Today, at ZugZwang Academy, we have successfully integrated ChessKid into our platforms for delivering the optimal level of Chess training to our students. Over 137 of our active students at ZugZwang are currently using a Chesskid account to practice puzzles, do lessons and play online. We monitor the progress & improvement of each child, giving detailed instruction and feedback on their performance level. 

We are proud to share on overview of today's chesskid statistics of our students. So many parents & kids have already fallen in love with this site because

  • ChessKid is safe.
  • ChessKid is fun.
  • ChessKid is easy.
  • ChessKid provides management and tracking tools.
  • ChessKid will keep your kid motivated to learn and improve his/her chess skills.
  • ChessKid has all the tools you need to start and run a successful chess program

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Chess as a sport requires a lot of mental stamina, and this is what that makes it different from a physical sport. Chess players have a unique ability of taking in a lot of information and remembering relevant bits. So, memory and mental stamina are the key attributes.
— Vishwanathan Anand

Our Kids Learn Math with IXL:

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IXL is an immersive K-12 learning experience that provides comprehensive, standards-aligned content for math, language arts, science, and social studies. With IXL, it's easy to find the right skills to practice to meet your learning objectives! All of IXL's dynamic skills are fully aligned to your educational standards, including the Common Core State Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and all U.S. state standards. The great thing about IXL is the Analytics provided on the progress & improvement for each student across all topics.

Why Chess?






             7 Reasons to Learn Chess

  • Improves your IQ
  • Improves your Memory
  • Higher Concentration
  • Enhanced Problem Solving Skills
  • Improves your Creativity
  • Improves your Mood
  • Suitable for all Ages from 5+ and above
  • Helps Elderly People to prevent Alzheimer's 

About ZugZwang Academy:
Bharath Divyang started ZugZwang in 2012 after quitting his plush corporate job at HSBC Bank driven by a single-minded passion for chess & devotion towards teaching, motivating & mentoring children. Team ZugZwang was forged to retain the same passion in its DNA. He today runs the Center of Excellence operating in Bellandur, Bangalore.

After 6 years, 1500+ students and endless hours spent at curriculum building, class preparation, online content creation and coaching & mentoring students, ZugZwang has always kept its gaze affixed on its vision. ZugZwang Academy  today has over 7 professional coaches who are equipped to teach over 10 Brain Simulating programs, including Chess.