Meet the ZugZwang Team!


Our Top FIDE Rated Coach

Praveen Sagar comes with over 5+ years of coaching experience and brings an effective learning method to the table for beginners, intermediate & advanced players. He helps them to achieve goals in a short span of time under his guidance and through his coaching excellence. He excels in fluent communication which makes the interaction very easy and effective between him and his students. He has today trained over 500+ kids who have immensely improved their chess rating and started competing in external tournaments. Praveen Sagar is professional FIDE Rated Chess player with an online rating above 2300+. You can follow Praveen Sagar on or visit his YouTube channel to view the chess games he regularly uploads. 



Our Methodology:

Comprehension - the ability to understand with clarity
Inspiration - the process of being mentally stimulated
Expertise - supreme skill & conceptual knowledge

The ZugZwang ® Metholodology was created to help children balance the 3 pillars of learning - Inspiration, Comprehension & Expertise. This systematic & scientific approach to learning has helped countless children learn faster, better & break thought barriers.

Bharath Divyang started ZugZwang in 2012 after quitting his plush corporate job at HSBC Bank driven by a single-minded passion for chess & devotion towards teaching, motivating & mentoring children. Team ZugZwang was forged to retain the same passion in its DNA. He today runs the Center of Excellence operating in Bellandur, Bangalore. After 3 years, 1000+ students and endless hours spent at curriculum building, class preparation, online content creation and coaching & mentoring  students, ZugZwang has always kept its gaze affixed on its vision. ZugZwang Academy  today has over 7 professional coaches who are equipped over 10 Brain Simulating programs including  Chess!


Mission Statement:

  • Provide an intellectual and stimulating opportunity for children to enrich their education through scholastic chess and expand their minds and knowledge.

  • Utilize the immense potential of scholastic chess to help children acquire lifelong skills such as problem solving , critical reasoning and critical thinking .

  • Facilitate an environment for fair competition and learning to develop competitive spirit, teamwork and desire to peform.
  • Prepare each child to excel in any field or subject of their choosing, including competitive chess.

About ZugZwang Academy:



The ZugZwang Way is the facilitation of the right environment for learning to thrive. Where students are mentored, not lectured. Where practical experimentation takes precedence over memorization of facts. Where intrinsic motivation reigns supreme.

The “ZugZwang Way” is a way of learning. A way of life.

ZugZwang Academy was founded for the right reasons - passion for mentoring children & intellectual development through learning. It was with the beleif that the present educational model is flawed. Enrichment Education is the way of the future. This is our 5th year of an uphill battle to change the way children learn and become smarter. In this time, we’ve mentored over 1250 students.

ZugZwang Academy was founded by Bharath Divyang, an IIT-IIM alumnus.

Founders Message to Parents:

“If you desire to invest in your child’s mental & intellectual growth, there is no better tool to facilitate that development than scholastic chess. I have seen chess transform me from an average student to crème de la crème in the nation – all within a span of 4 years. Whether you dream of your child entering academics, creative arts, sports, business or professional service, give your child this gift of life-long learning & development. You’ll be surprised how far flung and long lasting the impact can be".

Code of Ethics & Integrity

ZugZwang maintains the highest ethical and moral standards and everyone associated with ZugZwang has been mentored to imbibe and live these standards. In all our interactions with students, children, parents and stakeholders, we show the utmost professionalism and ethics.